Centenary of Federation 2001
Journey of a Nation The Federation Parade

Hunter Region Organisation of Councils in association 
with ArtsHaus and the NSW Centenary of Federation Committee 
produced the float for the Centenary of Federation Parade 
held in Sydney on January 1st 2000

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Hunter Float return from Triumphant Tour

The recent Federation Parade was the biggest, most spectacular parade ever seen in Australia. With 6,500 people and giant, majestic floats, the parade told the story of our past 100 years acknowledging our significant historic and momentous achievements and highlight the challenges we have faced. It reflected the importance of why we are celebrating our Centenary of Federation collaborating the past, present and the future. 

The artistic design for the float was produced by Kate Croll and Braddon Snape

From all accounts the Hunter Float was striking in its simple dramatic shapes, the section coordinator for 'Nation on the Move' made special mention of the lightness, manageability and elegant nature of the arches. Others were particularly impressed by the number of participants, the effective use of props and costumes, and the use of the Otto Bin percussion to keep an strong guiding rhythm for the floats progression throughout the parade.

  The design was based on the concept of a series of federation arches, firstly a Coal Arch carried by small propelled vehicles, consisting of a large flexible frame constructed from PVC Pipe and large lumps of ‘coal’ constructed from polystyrene dipped in resin and costumes based on an Industrial theme with hard hats. Secondly an Energy Arch based on a similar design covered with smooth nylon fabric, a large PVC Propeller shaped like a wind turbine, all painted white. Costumes for the energy theme will include small backpacks with PVC Propellers, white skivvies and long white trousers.

Coal Arch Design

New Energy Arch Design

Other Design Drawings

Building the Float
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Braddon using the stairwell to work on the Arch.jpg (83521 bytes) Rod Graham & Tom Jones moving trailers.jpg (83848 bytes) Working on the top of the Coal Arch.jpg (79263 bytes) Waffle Pods.jpg (53555 bytes)
Ariel View of work site.jpg (93806 bytes) Spray painting the Coal Arch.jpg (92220 bytes) Scooters.jpg (105019 bytes)
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Detail - Coal Arch.jpg (73965 bytes) Tom Jones & Jim McGinty preparing 'Coal Arch' frame.jpg (99315 bytes) Braddon using the stairwell.jpg (66216 bytes) Detail - Energy Arch.jpg (59830 bytes)
Coal Arches.jpg (68816 bytes) Braddon, Lois & Jim cutting fabric.jpg (53451 bytes) Braddon & Jim Cutting fabric.jpg (70897 bytes)

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Catherine Croll

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Thanks to all for get involved in this great Community Development Project