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Integrated Service Delivery Models
Current best practice with regards to community building

Community and Cultural Services - Integrated Delivery Model

Data Asset Approach to Community Development

Community Organisation - Policy and Procedure

The following is a short list of public documents related to integrated service delivery
found on the internet (For more documents Search Google)

Not for Profit
Motivation of Not for Profit in a For Profit Company Law Regime
A Not for Profit Council - discussion on need and options for the way ahead June 2002
stories - Alarm at non-profit newcomer
Unchain the creative Class, and profit.

Financial Management
Tax Risks - Income tax guide for non-profit organisations
Member Organisations Check - ASIC Search National Names Index
Making Community Philanthropy Work

Law of Negligence Review

Australia's non-profit sector

Knowledge Sharing within NSW Government
NSW Premiers Annual report 2002
Premiers QLD Policy Frameworks
ACT - Schools as Communities
SEQ 2021 South East QLD Regional Cultural Development Plan
NSW Health Primary Care Increases Equity in Health
Connect.nsw An integrated strategy for NSW
National Office of Information Economy - Better Services
The ISD Framework Project
Department of Human Services
Integrated Service Delivery - VIC Government
Using Technology to Serve the Citizen

Victorian Rural Human Services Strategy

Arts Training
Regional Arts NSW - Creative Volunteering

CNPO Standard Policy and Procedure

Strengthening Communities
Community Builders - Youth Partnerships Initiative
Australian Youth Foundation Community Development
"Collaborative Community Investment Approach"

Empowering Regional Youth: the Role of the Arts and
Art Infrastructure in North Western NSW
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CIT Service Provisions
State and Territory Governments Strategies for
the Provision of Information technology Services

..\community\standards\Strategic Information Management Policy and Procedures

Performance Measures & Service Level Agreements
Australia Communications Authority - State and Territory - Service Level Agreements
Audit NSW Executive Summary - KPI's
Audit NSW Guide to Better Services

Social Services
NCOSS - Networking for Success - How to build and create effective partnerships,
alliances and coalitions in a competitive environment

Department of Transport and Regional Services - Development Assessment Forum

Organisational Sustainability
Australian Institute for Family Services - Social Capital
Defining Art in the Community - ArtsHaus Newcastle

Privacy (CIT & Public Key Encryption)
CA Submission - Australian Governments use of
Computer Information Technology (CIT)